That magical time when the sun climbs above the horizon and divinely colors the landscape I am there with my camera. At dawn I photograph the wild waters of Great Falls, the untamed fields of golden-faced sunflowers lifting their heads and the morning fog drifting over the Potomac as a lone canoe drifts by.

The camera captures all, preserving a piece of this life. When I freeze a beautiful scene in a photograph, I feel as though I am locking in time. This is my passion.

Jane Sims Podesta is a Washington-based photographer and writer. White working as a Washington correspondent for Time Inc./People, she also concentrated on building a landscape photography portfolio. Her work has been published in The Washington Post, Time, People, Washingtonian and elsewhere. She is working on a photography book focusing on the hidden treasures of the Potomac.

For information about pricing and photography contact her at janepodesta@gmail.com